Siri’s Laugh Has Gone Viral On TikTok Because It’s, To Put It Kindly, Fucking Weird

Siri, bless her, has hit the headlines after producing a laugh that can only be described as terrifying.

TikTok user @sketchypunx shared the footage last week, capturing Siri’s abysmal attempt at having a good ol’ chuckle.

In the clip, Siri was asked to change the phone user’s named to ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHA’.

When repeating the desired name, she subsequently had a conniption.

@sketchypunxFun with Siri ???????? ##Australia ##siri ##hahhahahahahaha ##fyp♬ original sound – sketchypunx

It genuinely sounds like Siri’s trying to remove phlegm from her throat. Maybe she has a cold – poor thing.

The footage has since amassed over 400k views and 25k likes in a matter of days, with punters both laughing and shrieking at the sound emanating from the screen.

“Siri is failing at breathing while laughing,” commented one user.

“This is the kind of polite laugh I pull in meetings,” said another.

Many have since repeated the TikTok user’s steps and subsequently achieved the same result, proving that Siri’s attempt to say ‘HAHAHAHA’ is universally terrifying.

So there you have it. Siri’s laugh is fucked. May you have nightmares forevermore.

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