This Short Film Ft. Phoebe Tonkin Was Recorded Entirely On Headphones

Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe Tonkin is no ordinary girl (oh come on, it had to be done).

After seriously cooked roles as Hayley in The Vampire Diaries (anyone who fake bangs Klaus is a great actress IMO) and The Originals, as well as her latest character in Stan Original Bloom, she’s also partaken in a new short film dubbed Final Stop. The twist? Well, there’s two.

The first?

The Roxanne Benjamin-directed, seven-minute short film – which follows Phoebe on her journey home after a night out – was recorded entirely on high-tech headphones, and honestly that’s so neat I almost forgot about the sadness her breakup with Paul Wesley brought to my life.

It was all done on Sennheiser‘s new AMBEO Smart Headset, which creates 3D audio via microphones on the outside of each earpiece. It means that when you play the audio back it’s portrayed in 3D. Neat, yeah? Talk about subtle nek-level content – and the best thing is you can actually own a pair. Watch it for yourself below – with headphones on to understand and hear how the 360 sound works – and to unravel that second twist we were yapping about.

See how the 3D sound, horror + shock factor is heaps more intense because of the headset? It’s kinda wild. See how it ended? Also wild.

The AMBEO Smart Headset also has a noise-cancelling feature so you can block out the stuff you don’t want to hear (i.e. everything), and focus on the stuff you do wanna hear with its epic sound quality. It’s also got an inbuilt microphone that you can manually control when you’re on the blower, which means your mum will finally be able to hear you for once. Translation? It’s really bloody good.

Other ways you can implement the gadget into your everyday life and impress your mates include but are not limited to: using the headphones at a music gig so that when you post it to Insta you get all of the likes + getting the all-round detail your travel memories deserve.

Sounds a whole lot better, literally, than whatever my two-year-old headphones are doing to my ears.