‘Sex Education’ Announces S2 Premiere Date With The Promise Of, No Joke, Lots Of Chlamydia

Grab some protection and whip out your toys, folks, ’cause Sex Education is back, baby. Netflix confirmed today that the wildly popular show will be returning to the streaming service January 17th with 8 brand spankin’ new episodes. Suddenly my libido is back in full force… What a coincidence.

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All your faves – Otis, Eric, Maeve, Jackson, Ola, Jean and the like – will be returning for the second season. We’ll be following Otis once more, as he seeks to control his newfound sexual urges, maintain his relationship with Ola and navigate his friendship with Maeve, which has now become understandably-strained. Oh, and there’s a chlamydia outbreak. Mood.

Check out the below stills for season 2, which depict Otis and Eric (probably on some mischievous journey), Aimee and Maeve in a police station and Adam in military school. Ominous, thought-provoking, curious – we stan.

Image: Netflix / Supplied
Image: Netflix / Supplied
Image: Netflix / Supplied

When Otis and Ola pashed in front of Maeve during last season’s finale, I was left feeling a rollercoaster of emotions – although there was part of me that was hopeful of an Otis and Maeve union, Otis definitely deserved to find happiness and Ola is just so damn likeable – so it’ll be interesting to see how season two handles that whole dynamic.

While we impatiently wait for some more Sex Education, check out the cast’s reaction to the season two script below.

January 17 couldn’t come quick enough, in my opinion. In the meantime, I reckon we should all stream season 1 again – you know, to get the juices flowing again.