Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Just Said Some People Have Left The Show & Excuse Me, Whomst?

Chrishell Stause / Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause has said that “some people” have left the Oppenheim Group. Whomst, whomst, could she be talking about?

Stause appeared on Good Morning Britain on Thursday to chat about her stint on the American Dancing with the Stars series and, of course, Selling Sunset.

I would embed the actual interview right about now, but the clip isn’t available to watch in Australia. Rude. 

Anywho, Stause hinted that things at the Oppenheim Group might look different if a fourth season is announced by Netflix.

“I have to say, a lot of us get along so well, it’s like a dysfunctional family,” Stause said.

Wait for it.

“There is some splintering happening in the group but that’s real life. I’m not going to sugar coat it. We’re not all friends, we don’t get along. But we try to.

“Some people have left, the brokerage has split, if the cameras picked up now, there’s a lot to pick up on.”


I’m very late to the Selling Sunset game, so I’m only midway through season 3. From what I’ve seen so far, though, maybe Davina Potratz leaves? She does have her own broker’s license.

Or, it could be Christine Quinn. I doubt it though – like, I don’t think Christine would leave just yet.

In an interview with Vogue from earlier this month, Quinn said she’s pretty keen on a spinoff show.

“I’m so tired of sharing screen time with those five other bitches – I’m done,” she said. “Give me my own show already!”

Quinn told Vogue that she’s starting a new business of her own as well, which she has yet to officially announce.

“I’m [still] working on my branding, visual, and verbal identity,” she explained. “Inclusivity and diversity are important to me, so I want to work on all of those aspects that come with having a company before I throw something into the world.”

Stause continued that while season 4 hasn’t been officially announced just yet, “I think we’ll hear something very soon.”

The real estate agent and former actor also commented very briefly on her public divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley.

“It was really tough, but that was a while ago and now we’re onwards and upwards!” she said.

As for what a fourth season could hold, Stause said she is looking to buy a new home.

“That’s something I think I will allow the cameras to come with me when I do that soon,” she said.

Although, she’s definitely not looking for a $50 or $70-million-dollar mansion.

You can stream Selling Sunset on Netflix now.