Science Affirms The Greatness of ‘Dumb Ways to Die’

The world’s best advertising campaign that snagged every award in its nominated categories at Cannes this year, Melbourne Trams and McCann’s Dumb Ways To Die has been deconstructed in minute detail by AdNews and Neuro-Insight

The adorable anti-death campaign featuring the infectious jingle performed by Tangerine Kitty and cute critters illustrated by Julian Frost, has been subjected to powers of science, to explain why literally everybody loves this campaign to death (pun intended). 

Neuro-Insight has analysed the campaign’s creative magic, providing us with graphs that highlights the most pertinent memory points of the ad for males and females.  

This video shows the Memory Encoding data of the advertisement—how effectively each message is engrained:

The video below deconstructs the difference between how both genders received the campaign, showing that females engaged with the ad at a rate that was 24% more effective than males: 

The data also explains that females engaged most with the “use your clothes dryer as a hiding place” segment: 

While males were most intrigued by the red button induced atomic bomb explosion:

Let’s watch Dumb Ways To Die again, for the tenth time, so it surpasses 55 million views. Stay safe, Melbourne.

Via AdNews