It ain’t just the Australian fun police that want you to stand behind the line on train platforms. Turns out safety around public transport is the hip thing to do worldwide (who would’ve known?).

A while back you might remember Melbourne had that outrageously successful ‘Dumb Ways to Die‘ safety PSA campaign that combined common sense advice, cutesy graphics, and horrendously morbid cartoon deaths.

Looking at that winning formula of Cute + Violent = Entertaining, the city of Los Angeles has produced their own series of murderously twee PSA videos for their Metro system, callously killing scores of helpless animated stick figures in the name of promoting safety awareness around trains.

The videos are all set in the fictional LA suburb of Safetyville, which is apparently anything but safe as the bulk of its residents appear hell-bent on getting absolutely bashed on the train tracks.

You get the picture.

They may not have the same devastatingly catchy jingle that ‘Dumb Ways to Die‘ did, but they more than make up for it in animated splatterings.

That LA Metro is straight ruthless.

Source: Uproxx.