Ryan Murphy’s Plot To Remake The ‘Glee’ Pilot From Scratch Is The Stuff Of Fever Dreams

Ryan Murphy

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Ryan Murphy will have created at least three new Netflix shows, and that would still make it a slow day for him. It’s seems he’s not just happy with producing new content anymore, either – over the weekend, the Glee creator took to Instagram to propose a revamped pilot episode for his beloved high school singing show.

What would that involve, exactly? Ryan Murphy told his followers that if he could go back to 2009, Lea Michele would still star, but that he would cast Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstin (of The Politician and Booksmart) as all-new characters. As for the new pilot episode, he outlined a plot, saying:

“Lea and Ben are frenemies who fight for the heart and soul of Glee Club. Ben is also on the football team, and pretty much sleeps with the entire school and is the heartthrob of McKinley. Beanie is their mutual best friend, and torn. Suddenly, Beanie joins forces with Sue Sylvester, joins Glee Club and becomes the main soloist and the ruthless star of the club. Lea and Ben have to then join forces to dethrone her. I WANT TO SHOOT THIS DO OVER PILOT. Maybe I will?”

This leaves us with a lot of questions – specifically, do any of the other remaining cast members get to come back? Does the idea of Ben Platt sleeping with “the entire school” strike anyone else as a little awkward? And most of all, is Ryan Murphy actually crazy enough to try and pull this mess off?

The reaction from Glee fans is … we’ll go ahead and say ‘mixed’. “This isn’t ok,” said one. “Please don’t do this,” chimed in another. You can see the original post below.