The Academy Awards are usually a pretty ~exclusive~ event, as Hollywood’s powerbrokers probably don’t want to get too close to the riff-raff who make ’em their bank. 

Host Jimmy Kimmel apparently thought that should change, inviting a bus-full of star-struck tourists right into the Dolby Theatre. It went as you’d expect: Oohs, aahs, hugs, selfies:

What Kimmel wouldn’t have anticipated was the birth of the third great Ryan Gosling meme. 

After the infamous cereal thing, and the onslaught of “Feminist Ryan Gosling,” the internet set upon a still of one shocked rando hearing some sweet nothings from the man himself.

Some seized upon La La Land criticisms, others assumed the bloke was dropping off his deets. In any case, this one may have some staying power:

Like, this one has a potentially long life ahead of it. Catch us in a few years to assess its status against the classic: 

Source and photo: Twitter.