Ryan Gosling Forced To Watch His 90s Self Dance In Hammer Pants

The video of a young, innocent Ryan Gosling busting a move in vintage 90s hammer pants is a perennial internet favourite, and we always give it a watch when it shows up on our feeds.
Gosling and his La La Land co-star Emma Stone are currently hitting the talk-show circuit to build up awards buzz, so what better time to pull it out again and rub it in his handsome face?
That’s exactly what Graham Norton did, forcing the Golden Globe winner to relive his days as a member of Elite Dance Studio, busting a move to the 1991 Cathy Dennis hit ‘Touch Me (All Night Long)‘. 
The outfit, perhaps the boldest choice of the entire number, was Gosling’s own choice. Go ahead and soak it all up:
Source: YouTube.