‘Bachie’ Alum Ryan Says ‘Paradise’ Producers Wanted Him Even Though He Had A GF

You thought the Brett Moore / Steph Boulton Bachelor In Paradise drama was at peak levels? Lol bitch, think again. THINK FUCKING AGAIN, my friend – it’s just getting started.

To recap, Brett – alum from Sophie‘s Bachelorette season – went onto the Bachie island (is it an island? I don’t think it is but also, in a very real way, I do not care) as one of the first wave of attention-seeking famewhores, but was quickly booted after not receiving a rose.

Because, well, it was revealed that he had a girlfriend who was soon to be arriving on the island – one Steph Boulton, a cast-off from Richie‘s season.


Side note who is taking that photo. Did you just grab someone walking by enjoying their own sunset and say “Oi mate, can you take 462974 photos of me and my missus and we’ll pose with her on the bike, no not that angle, do it again”?

Anyway, since then both Brett and Steph have had monumental big-baby cries about the whole thing, claiming the producers knew they were dating, how could they, the audacity etc etc etc shut the fuck up cheaters and accept you got caught out.

Except… well, now Ryan Jones, another dude from Sophie’s swathe of men, has come out and said the producers tried to get HIM on the show – even though they were well-aware he had a GF.


He started out by defending old Brettles.

‘I spoke to him straight after it happened. It was a total stitch up,’ Ryan told Daily Mail. ‘They knew all along and had even presented her with a contract.’

But then it got spicy.

‘They also approached me to go, but I said I was in a relationship,’ Ryan explained. ‘To which I was told ok, you don’t have to hook up with anyone, it’s more like a Bachelorette meets Survivor.’




If this is true my friends… this is incredibly spicy. That would mean the producers went full UnREAL and were using these innocent (lolol) contestants as their measly playthings in a big game of “let’s use people’s emotional breakdowns for primo ratings”.

But also, if the producers DID say that to Ryan – would they not have done the same for Brett?

Oh man, this is all giving me a headache and yet I am completely living for it. Have you ever experienced such drama? Such mystery? Such intrigue?

I need to go do some meditation I think.