Russell Crowe Does Robin Hood

Yesterday we told y’all about a forthcoming period-meets-horror flick by the name of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. As you can probably glean from its title, the project combines Jane Austen’s classic Pride And Prejudice with hordes of the undead. Amazing right? Right.

It’s a clever way to repackage stories we’ve seen and heard a million times and makes us think that Robin Hood, Ridley Scott’s forthcoming take on literature’s first Communist, could have benefited from some paranormal beings. Robin Hood Prince Of Mummies perhaps? Think about it the film would have made itself. All Scott would need do is combine footage from Gladiator and The Mummy, add some chain mail and lush forestry in post production and source a suitably chuggy half time metal track for the trailer.

As it stands the film looks pretty epic, not Avatar epic, but the kind of epic (explosions, mass war scenes and luscious slow motion shots) that perfectly compliments chuggy half time metal tracks. Nod your head to Russell Crowe’s glorious non regional diction below…