RuPaul Wrote A Diss-Track Aimed At Former Drag Race Queens & The Lyrics Are Wig-Pulling

rupaul blame it on the edit

In what reads like a giant fuck you to the Pearls and Phi Phi O’Haras of the world, drag icon RuPaul Charles has released a song aimed at every RuPaul’s Drag Race queen who was upset with how they came across on the show and “blamed it on the edit”. OOF.

‘Blame It On The Edit’ is a new diss-track by RuPaul that says what it does on the tin: calls out queens who have been on Ru’s multi-Emmy-nominated show and, well, blamed the show’s producers and editors for coming across not the way they wanted to.

And the lyrics are more gagworthy than Willam‘s disqualification, Valentina‘s maskgate, or Shangela not being voted into the top 2 of All Stars 3 combined with glue, glitter, cocktails and leftover fabrics from the F&S fabrics wall.

All these shows around the world and everywhere we go

You’ll never meet another bitch salty as these hoes

She wanna blame it on the edit, blame it on the edit

She wanna blame it on the edit, you the one who said it

“Go and take the credit, bitch.

You the one who said it, bitch.

How you gon [sic] regret it, bitch.

Later in the song, she adds:

Bitch, if you want to be pointing the finger

Just know that the other be pointing at you

These bitches playing, these bitches playing

Ain’t nothing scripted, it’s what you saying

If you’re looking for the one that just played you,

Then mirror mirror, you’re probably afraid to

Ring ring, bitch, it’s for you.

You won’t believe the call is from your own room

Oh and let’s not even begin to tackle the line: “Only fuck with All Stars material”. OOOOP.

Over on Twitter, people have quickly begun to link the song’s lyrics to Phi Phi O’hara, the season 4 villain and All Stars 2 contestant who was painted unfavourably on the show.

During All Stars 2 and in what’s possibly one of the best episodes in the entire series, she came off the back of a win and complained about Alyssa Edwards behind her back after her elimination, before Alyssa came out of a door and revealed she was on the other side of the mirror and could hear everything.

Others are bringing up Pearl, the season 7 runner-up, who had an infamously tense run-in with RuPaul on the show and asked her, “Is there something on my face?” She later claimed that RuPaul told her that “nothing matters unless the cameras are rolling”.

While I won’t lie the song does kinda slap—it’s got this really nice slow jam hook to it and I’m kinda here for Ru’s spoken rap—some queens, like season 10’s The Vixen, aren’t happy about it.

“It’s the same RuPaul who was silent during BLM protests and 12 years late to trans issues now has enough time to make a diss-track against queens that she put in harms way,” she said.

“Love to all the girls who are getting extra hate this week because Ru chose violence over silence for once.”

The Vixen appeared on season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and, famously, copped a lot of shit for being an outspoken Black queen who called out racism and the way the fandom vilified queens of colour compared to the white ones. During the season 10 reunion, she walked off stage after an uncomfortable exchange with the drag host.

RuPaul has not specified who exactly this song is about. Either way, it’s likely we’ll see it featured in an upcoming season, which, if true, would be quite ironic.