Every now and then, the internet will his you right in the ’90s kid nostalgia with an image speculating as to what the Rugrats would look like as twenty-somethings. 

The latest one of these, however, comes from a fairly official source: Eric Molinsky, a former storyboard artist on the show, who has delivered his definitive take on what the babies would look like as adults.

Spoiler alert: somewhat weird and misshapen, just like their infant selves.

As Molinsky explained in a recent blog post, while he appreciates the internet’s many interpretations of the adult Tommy and friends, most are far too pretty, cute and polished for his liking. He said:

The Rugrats did not all grow up to be fashion models or self-confident hipsters. Especially not Chuckie. They probably grew up to be average if not slightly lumpy looking people – just like their parents.

Behold, the Rugrats circa 2015, as imagined by Eric Molinsky:

‘Rugrats’ Artist Draws Definitive Grown-Up Versions, Internet Can’t Cope

‘Rugrats’ Artist Draws Definitive Grown-Up Versions, Internet Can’t Cope

Because we can not have nice things, Molinsky’s post has caught some heat from fan artists who thought he was having a go at their work, forcing him to add a clarification, saying:

I want to apologize to fans and artists who found my tone arrogant or dismissive. As I have re-read this post and the comments, I see how I could have come off that way, and I’m sorry. I chose the works that I featured because I thought the artists who drew them were talented, and their work was so well-drawn that I wanted to advocate for the un-glamorous style of the original Klasky-Csupo animation. But I don’t speak for the studio or the creators. I was simply an employee and now a fan myself.

via Studio 360