Ross Clarke-Jones Sues Endemol Shine Over *That* Broken Ankle On ‘Australian Survivor’

ross clarke-jones

Survivor Australia contestant and champion big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones is suing the show’s production company Endemol Shine over an injury from the show.

Clarke-Jones filed a lawsuit in the Victorian Supreme Court last week, claiming damages for his medical expenses as well as the loss of past and future earnings in his big wave surfing career as a result of his snapped ankle.

“At the date of injury, the plaintiff was a professional big wave surfer with sponsorship arrangements, including with Red Bull and Quiksilver,” the statement of claim reads, according to

“The plaintiff is and has been since his injury totally incapacitated for his previous employment and claims past loss of earning and future loss of earnings.”

In case you missed it, Ross was taking part in a challenge in the 2019 season of Australian Survivor when the rope he was swinging on snapped, sending him plummeting to the ground. The accident occurred on May 30 last year, and it is understood that Clarke-Jones has suffered anxiety and depression as a result of the injury.

He sustained serious injuries including “syndesmosis disruption” to his right ankle, in addition to bruising and lacerations on his left leg. Basically, he snapped the joint in his ankle, which has obviously been detrimental to his career as a big wave surfer.

According to the claims put forward by law firm Arnold Thomas & Becker, Endemol Shine Australia breached their duty of care and were negligent on multiple occasions by failing to secure the rope properly and not testing the challenge to prevent potential injuries.

The suit claims that Endemol Shine producers failed to “have any or any adequate regard to the safety of the plaintiff having regard to the magnitude of the risk if the rope was not adequately secured to the structure”.

Considering he was a favourite to win the competition, Clarke-Jones is not only suing for loss of income from his surfing career, but also for the lost potential of winning the $500,000 prize money.

“The plaintiff also claims loss of opportunity in relation to competing for the prize money available on Survivor, and other professional big wave surfing-related events, awards and business opportunities,” the statement of claim read.

Endemol Shine Australia are yet to release a statement regarding the lawsuit, but told last year that the accident was a result of a “technical fault”, rather than negligence.

“Challenges are conducted under safety supervision and tested numerous times to avoid injuries. Contestants also have constant medical care from the series doctor and paramedics,” the statement read, according to

“Unfortunately during a challenge, there was a technical fault and Ross suffered ankle ligament disruption. He was given immediate medical attention onsite and taken to hospital for further checks.”