Rosa From TikTok Features In New Paper Mag Shoot & We Simply Love To See The Glow-Up

Adam Ray Okay (AKA Rosa From TikTok) has featured in a new Paper Magazine shoot, and the internet is collectively applauding this iconic moment.

Adam, who was shot by photographer Michael Spencer, spoke to Paper Mag’s Rose Dommu about his rise and glorious reign on TikTok, as well as his thought process behind the creation of Rosa herself.

“I had downloaded the TikTok app and I was just scrolling, doing my thing,” he tells the publication, on Rosa’s genesis. “I wasn’t really thinking of making my own content. And then I just got inspired by myself, my childhood growing up and, like you said, everybody knows this Rosa character and I felt that she had been forgotten about… So once I brought her back, everybody was just so familiar with her and that’s why I felt she did really well.”

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Punters have flocked to the comments to unanimously praise Adam and Rosa’s joint glow-up. They truly are the moment.

Never has anyone ever graced wonky lashes in such a flawless way. Icon shit only.