Rogen, Hader, Galifianakis To Blast Off Together In New Space Comedy Film

Through some profoundly deep Google Image searching (we’re talking hitting up that page 10 shit) we have today discovered that there is not an image on the internet that features Bill Hader, Seth Rogen, and Zach Galifianakis in the same shot together. And we feel very, very strongly that that is a massive oversight by Hollywood.

Fortunately, that will be rectified in the not-too-distant future.
The trio will band together to boldly go where not many (if any) have gone before for a brand-spanking new comedy film set in the depths of space.
The film, entitled The Something, follows a trio of male astronauts who, after being stuck in space for a number of years, finally encounter a mysterious other ship.
That’s all that’s known so far, plot-wise. But we do know that the script was penned by Rodney Rothman, a former Late Show with David Letterman staff writer who previously penned the screenplays for Grudge Match and 22 Jump Street. Rothman will also direct the film, marking his debut in the traditional puffy directing pants (lest he have to pay the tax for er uh… not wearing them).
Rogen, along with longtime collaborator Evan Goldberg and recent producing chum James Weaver will handle the producing duties for the project, which has been given the big ole’ go-ahead from Universal Pictures.
Rogen, Hader, and Galifianakis together in deep space? Yeah. Sign us well and truly up.
Photo: Michael Tullberg, Frazer Harrison, Amanda Edwards/Getty.