You Cannot Comprehend How Stoked Richard E Grant Is To Be In ‘Star Wars’

I don’t want to gush here because he all know that excessive excitement can get very cloying, so I will say this in the most measured way possible: listening to Richard E Grant talk is like having mysteriously soothing molten gold poured over your nipples while someone gives you a scalp massage. It’s like diving into an ocean made entirely out of laundry fresh out of the dryer. His rich, ridiculously British, ridiculously well-enunciated tones make me feel like I’m being cradled in the arms of a friendly bearded giant, with whom I am in a loving gay relationship. (You do NOT want to know what the not-toned-down version of this was.)

In slightly less ridiculous language: the man has a very rich, very articulated manner of speaking. He is, in short, a fancy man. Which makes his undisguisable mirth at being notified of his inclusion in the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX.

[jwplayer wpZPnsHa]

In a video posted to Twitter, Grant cannot stop smiling a big goofy grin recounting how he did a script read for an unidentified film, got called back in, and was told by JJ Abrams that he had the job:

Unbelievably wholesome areas.