‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’ Is Shining It Up After A Two-Year Hiatus In 2020

Shine it up, folks, ‘coz the fabulously catty ladies of the Real Housewives of Melbourne are returning in 2020 after a two-year hiatus.

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The controversial Matchbox Pictures production first launched on Arena in 2014 and gave international viewers an insight into the lives of our real housewives.

The most recent season of the show starred opulent Melbourne ladies Lydia Schiavello, Jackie Gillies, Gamble Breaux, Janet Roach, Gina Liano, Venus Behbahani-Clark and Sally Bloomfield.

As of yet the returning cast members have not officially been revealed but Arena dropped a sneaky clue via the below image:

In June, an insider told the Daily Mail that, “Some of the women have already been told unofficially that they’ll be returning, so they’ve been doing everything to make sure they’re camera-ready.

“Lydia Schiavello is definitely coming back, that’s why she’s in such great shape right now – she wants to look her best for the show.

“Jackie Gillies, Gamble Breaux and Janet Roach will most likely be back too, but everyone else is on the chopping block.

“They’ve been interviewing plenty of potential new Housewives, and are even considering bringing back some old faces like Chyka Keebaugh or Pettifleur Berenger,” the source continued.

The announcement comes after Foxtel axed RHOM’s Sydney counterpart which was not as well received and only lasted for one season.

“Sydney won’t happen again. Once bitten twice shy,” Foxtel’s executive director of television Brian Walsh confirmed to TV Tonight.

The series starred local affluent Sydney ladies Athena X LevendiKrissy MarshLisa OldfieldMatty SamaeiMelissa TkautzNicole O’Neil and Victoria Rees.

Despite it being in his best interest to offer positive promo for his shows, being the overlord of Foxtel, Walsh previously rinsed the show in an interview with The Daily Telegraph shortly after it first aired, telling the publication that he believed the women had gone “too far”.

“A lot of the women in this show were nasty for nasty’s sake and have no redeeming features,” he said.

At the time, Walsh made punters nervous by casting doubt over the future of the Melbourne housewives as well, stating that they needed to overcome “some hurdles” if they had any hope of returning.

“Housewives remains an important franchise but we have to be convinced the narrative is there to take it forward,” he said.

“After the last series, it started to become somewhat repetitive with the girls. It always comes down to Gina having a falling out with the new one. So they are working on that.”

While Newcastle-born psychic Jackie Gillies was quick to share the exciting news on her social media, other housewives including Miss Gina Liano have remained silent, leaving the mystery open as to who is returning and who isn’t.

Here’s my response to Foxtel if they’ve decided to proceed without Gina Liano: