A Bunch Of ‘Queer Eye’ Stars Met Up At Mama Tammye’s Community Centre

Here’s something to make you shed a tear or two, Queer Eye‘s heroes from season one and two got together for a little reunion at Mama Tammye’s community centre and the picture is SO sweet.

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Angels Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France, and Antoni Porowski like to call their makeover subjects/contestants “heroes” so we will too.

Queer Eye captioned the post: “Our heroes had a Queer Eye meet up at MAMA TAMMYE’S CHURCH COMMUNITY CENTRE!!! Our hearts have exploded from the love they are sharing with each other.” 


From left to right (top row) we have the very funny Neal Reddy from season one, daddy Bobby Camp, policeman Cory Waldrop, the handyman Jason Vogelsang from season two, the stand-up comedian Joe Gallois from season one, and blessed William Mahnken from season two looking all handsome.

Left to right (bottom row): Pianist Sean VanMeter, Mama Tammye Hicks and her son Myles, Queer Eye’s first female hero, and Skyler Jay, the show’s first trans hero – all from season two.

Love, love, LOVE.

Jonathan reposted the photo to his Instagram story and captioned it: “Best pic of all time.” 

Based on all the Insta posts it looks like Mama Tammye and Skyler organised the reunion together. This isn’t just a one-off either, the heroes all plan on catching up again in the future.

“Bringing these humans together today was an absolute honour. I pride myself on being able to bring people together for a good time, I must admit I was nervous throughout the planning, this is definitely the most diverse group of individuals I have thrown a party for. We are all so different and beautiful in our own way. Many of us probably would of never ever even been in the same room with one another prior to ‘Queer Eye’ or been willing to have such open important dialogue today, but here we are. A family of different races, ages, religions, genders, and sexual orientations, all under one roof peacefully and respectfully. Just take a minute and soak up the power in that.”

See Skyler’s full post, below.

SO lovely.

Friends, I stalked hard. 

Stay tuned.