WATCH: Netflix Drops Fab Trailer For Its All-New Revamp Of ‘Queer Eye’

It’s been fifteen years since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy exploded onto our screens and proved conclusively, to a wide general audience, that straight men unfortunately cannot dress themselves. A true turning point in the culture, folks. Netflix has been cooking up a reboot and the first trailer has just dropped.

Check it out:

You’ll note that they’ve dropped ‘For The Straight Guy’ from the title of the series – which seems to be intentional. They’ll be delving into makeovers for a more diverse lineup of people, like a closeted leather daddy.

It’s not the same lineup as the original. We’ve got Antoni Porowski, specialising in food and drinks; Bobby Berk, focusing on interior design; Karamo Brown, who brings cultural knowledge; Jonathan Van Ness, tackling grooming; and Tan France, the wardrobe man.

Show creator David Collins told Billboard that the streaming format meant there would be some changes to the classic Queer Eye formula:

By being on Netflix we’re able to tell more unique stories and viewers will get to know both the new Fab Five and our heroes at a much deeper level. This is all reflected in the overall storytelling of the series.

There’s eight episodes, and they’re all dropping on February 7.