Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski aren’t in a romantic relationship. They’re not a couple. They’re not attached, seeing each other, taking things slow, dating, or going out. They’re mates, according to Van Ness himself, and that’s just something you’re gonna have to deal with.

Let’s recap. Yesterday, ahead of the Queer Eye gang’s appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, JVN posted an Instagram caption intimating he and co-star Porowski were a thing. The piccie included their on-screen pal Karamo Brown flipping the bird, and JVN used the image’s caption to declare Brown was just jealous.

Brown responded with this:

Sorry To Destroy Your Day, But It Turns Out JVN & Antoni Aren’t Dating After All
via @jvn / Instagram

Brown’s comment sent fans into meltdown, but skepticism remained. Here’s our own take on the matter:

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANY MORE. On the one hand, we all know the Fab 5 are not above a bit of good old-fashioned pranking. On the other hand, Karamo does not strike me as the kind of guy to straight-up LIE on a public platform just for a gag.

Turns out he is, and we’ve been taken for fools. Taking to Twitter overnight, Van Ness confirmed the whole thing was a stitch-up, and that Brown likely took the nuclear option after being declared a jealous little so-and-so.

Even then, Porowski flipped the joke back:

It was some good press for all involved and cannon fodder for the show’s legion of shippers, we’re sure, but there is no on-set romance.

Or is there?

Sorry To Destroy Your Day, But It Turns Out JVN & Antoni Aren’t Dating After All

(Nah there’s not, soz.)