Sorry To Destroy Your Day, But It Turns Out JVN & Antoni Aren’t Dating After All

Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski aren’t in a romantic relationship. They’re not a couple. They’re not attached, seeing each other, taking things slow, dating, or going out. They’re mates, according to Van Ness himself, and that’s just something you’re gonna have to deal with.

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Let’s recap. Yesterday, ahead of the Queer Eye gang’s appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, JVN posted an Instagram caption intimating he and co-star Porowski were a thing. The piccie included their on-screen pal Karamo Brown flipping the bird, and JVN used the image’s caption to declare Brown was just jealous.

Brown responded with this:

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Brown’s comment sent fans into meltdown, but skepticism remained. Here’s our own take on the matter:

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANY MORE. On the one hand, we all know the Fab 5 are not above a bit of good old-fashioned pranking. On the other hand, Karamo does not strike me as the kind of guy to straight-up LIE on a public platform just for a gag.

Turns out he is, and we’ve been taken for fools. Taking to Twitter overnight, Van Ness confirmed the whole thing was a stitch-up, and that Brown likely took the nuclear option after being declared a jealous little so-and-so.

Even then, Porowski flipped the joke back:

It was some good press for all involved and cannon fodder for the show’s legion of shippers, we’re sure, but there is no on-set romance.

Or is there?

(Nah there’s not, soz.)