Q&A Inquest Results: Isn’t The ‘Lefty Lynch Mob’ Abbott Thought It Was

Remember when Tony Abbott had his Q&A hissy fit earlier this year? 

He demanded there be a full review of the panel show, because it was a ‘a lefty lynch mob’, and then banned all of his MPs from appearing on the panel.
Well, results are in. 
The editorial inquest, which was conducted by journalist Ray Martin and former SBS managing director Shaun Brown, found that Abbott’s ‘lefty lynch mob’ claim was completely unsubstantiated:
“The most commonly expressed criticism is that the program lacks impartiality and maintains a left wing anti-Coalition bias. We believe, after close analysis, this general impression is not substantiated.”

“The program tends to provide a platform for critical (sometimes even hostile) scrutiny of the Government’s performance. 

“But, significantly, that negative focus, evident through the public and moderator questions, the panel commentary and the reaction of the studio audience and the Twitter stream, was applied in similar measure to the ALP when it was in Government in 2012.”
The report also makes a number of suggestions, from the location of filming, to the legitimacy and necessity of Tony Jones‘ interruptions. 

ABC Chairman James Spigelman seems thrilled with constructive recommendations made in the report:
“It makes a number of recommendations designed to enhance Q&A’s role as a home for important, national conversations. 

Mr Brown and Mr Martin have made constructive points about the programs in relation to gender balance of the panel, diversity of perspectives, program principles and the desirability of filming in locations outside Sydney. 

This review will help the Q&A program build on its current high standing and performance.”
If you’d like to view the full report, you can do that here: ABC ‘Q&A’ EDITORIAL REVIEW.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Q&A iView.