Professionally Good-Looking Big Brother Contestants Likely Less Racist Than US Counterparts

Big Brother: Convict Island has pushed the big red button on operation Please Like Us, Australia and released a run of self-consciously endearing housemate profile videos detailing the contestants you’d probably most like to share a beer with. Introduced to offset the rage-inducing ubiquity of the show’s eye-scratching “twist” promotion and the casual racism of their thoroughly punchable U.S. counterparts, BB Australia gives us polite introductions to the contestants most representative of likeable Australian personality archetypes: the soldier and the country girl. 

They are: Matt, an Adonis-like former serviceman and well of emotional vulnerability who served in the Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan and whose Mum just reckons he’s beautiful. And Tahan a mixed-race country girl from Darwin who loves her mum, quad bikes, footy and bush life.

Omitted from each’s personal narrative is the fact that both altruistic Aussie battlers have previously explored careers as being professionally good-looking, with Matt’s previous foray into the modeling/entertainment biz spawning an impressive array of shirtlessness and a spot in a TV commercial for Sunshine Coast Tourism. While Tahan, the more ambitious of the two, is actually based in Melbourne and has previously spent time as a television presenter, pageant contestant and a glamour model and participated in traditional country girl activities such as partying with Akon and Flo Rida, per this article.   

What gives BB? Where are all the assholes?    

Big Brother premieres soon on Channel Nine. In the meantime, read our exclusive interview with Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis.