This IG Celebrates Diana’s Best Revenge Looks & We Can’t Wait To See That Dress On The Crown

Princess Diana revenge looks

An Instagram dedicated to Princess Diana is celebrating her very best revenge looks, re: Prince Charles, which is exactly the kind of content we (me) need after that achingly sad fourth season of The Crown.

If you’re currently bingeing your way through The Crown season 4, then you might already have some CHOICE words for Charles (Josh O’Connor) and the entire Royal Family. They’re portrayed as total dickheads throughout the season, who isolated Diana to a point where she became bulimic.

Don’t even get me started on that bloody lunch scene where Diana had to sit through a meal with Camila Parker Bowles (Emerald Fennell) and play nice. Ugh.

Enter @ladydirevengelooks.

It is, quite literally, a collection of Princess Diana’s “sassiest post-divorce looks”. Every single post also features the hashtag “FyouCC”, which one can only assume stands for “Fuck you, Charles and Camilla.” Just a guess!

Princess Diana went from stiff ’80s florals, frills, and shoulder pads to ’90s glory after her separation from Charles. Think Versace, Versace, Versace, animal prints, and those iconic oversized jumpers and cycling shorts.

This next look will always be a vibe.

The woman behind the account, Eloise Moran, will be going through all of Diana’s looks on The Crown, starting off with this sweet ensemble.

I assume this next look will make an appearance in The Crown season 5, when Elizabeth Debicki takes over the role from Corrin.

Never forget.

This little black dress is literally known as Diana’s “revenge dress”. She slipped it on and attended a Vanity Fair party on the very same night British network ITV aired an interview with Prince Charles, in which he confessed to cheating on Diana. Only one story dominated the headlines the next day, and it was Diana’s little black dress.

Fun fact: Diana previously turned down the dress when it was first presented to her for another event. She thought it was too risqué for a royal.

Diana sent her message to Charles loud and clear and she didn’t even have to say a word.