Leaked photos of Netflix’s The Crown season 5 have revealed that Princess Diana will be wearing The Revenge Dress this szn, so pass the popcorn Queen Lizzie, and let’s watch the drama ensue.

Aussie star Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Diana in seasons 5 and 6 of the hit show, was recently spotted on-set wearing the iconic “revenge dress” Diana wore the night Prince Charles revealed on live TV that he had cheated on her during their marriage. The dramaaaa. Someone get the guards because I’m royally screaming at this!!!

On a side note, this really explains why The Crown s5 is reportedly set to “infuriate the Royals”.

Designed by Greek designer Christina Stambolian, the dress was worn during an appearance at a June 1994 Vanity Fair gala at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens, per Harpers Bazaar, and is probably Diana’s most recognisable look. According to People, Diana had originally thought the dress was “too daring” for the event but decided to wear it after her original choice, a Valentino gown, was leaked to the press.

Anyway, in photos taken from the set of season five, which you can see here, Debicki can be seen leaving a car dressed in the famous black off-the-shoulder dress that made history, clutching a black purse, and sporting some black eyeshadow and an angelic smile.

In another shot that has left me like a cat in frenzied heat, she’s seen in the dress adorably staring at someone holding a bouquet of flowers. Please, Elizabeth, my heart can only take so much.

“It’s a cultural reset, she’s an icon, she’s entered the chat and finally joined the competition all in one” – me seeing these pics, to be honest. I don’t even care about the royal family but all of a sudden I’m invested.

Naturally, people on Twitter are frothing over it like a banging cup of English Breakfast.


“My jaw is on the floor at these pictures of Elizabeth Debicki filming in Diana’s revenge dress,” said another.

Now that we know The Crown is giving us Diana in the revenge dress, you just know this season is going to deliver on the drama.

As a few others have said above, if Debicki doesn’t win an Emmy for this performance and then wears the iconic revenge dress when she accepts her award, it’ll be a hugely missed opportunity.

Netflix’s The Crown season 5 is expected to arrive in November 2022.

Image: Getty Images [Princess Diana Archive] / Netflix / Twitter [@biglttlelies]