Another Italian Priest, Bless Him, Accidentally Launched FB Filters During Livestream Mass

It’s happened again – another Italian priest has fallen victim to Facebook filters during a livestream of his mass. This is well and truly the gift that gift keeps on giving. Thank you Jesus.

The footage, shared by Twitter user @misscathsy, shows the priest staring blankly at the screen – heavenly music playing in the background – as the filters begin to alternate.

To make the situation even more iconic, the priest then briefly scolds his audience, believing that one of the viewers is playing a prank on him. Mass, he implores, is not the time to joke around.

The minute-long clip has amassed over 80k views. You’ll understand why.

I mean…

Jesus christ.

He’s so fucking displeased with it all.

A couple days back, Father Paolo Longo, a priest of the Church of San Pietro and San Benedetto di Polla, posted a livestream mass via his Facebook page, with the filters activated throughout the entirety of his 49-minute service.

In other video chat-related news, a poor uni student accidentally had a wee in front of her class. Hamish Blake, king, has also been inserting himself in random people’s zoom meetings today. What a time.

Anyhoo, bless y’all.