Cindy Crawford’s Ridiculously Good Looking Son Presley Gerber Was Just Arrested

presley gerber dui

Getting arrested is not the way you want to welcome in the New Year. But it seems that one celebrity youngster had a pretty crappy new year’s after being pulled over by police.

Presley Gerber – son of iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford and brother of Kaia Gerber – was arrested for DUI in the final hours of 2018.

New reports state 19-year-old model was pulled over in Beverly Hills at 4am on Sunday for speeding in his Tesla.

When Presley was approached, police on the scene said the model as “reeked of booze” TMZ reports . With suspicion of driving under the influence, police then issued Presley with a ‘field sobriety test’, which he failed.

Presley was subsequently arrested and released without bail.

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The model’s lawyer, Scott Spindel, has responded to the charges with a statement citing the 19-year-old’s clean record.

“Presley Gerber takes this very seriously and is taking the necessary steps to address the allegations.”

While neither Presley or Cindy have publicly commented on the arrest, they have both posted on Instagram since the reported ordeal.

Just yesterday Presley shared a behind-the-scenes video of his newest tattoo (an outline of California), with the caption “Happy New Year.. to bigger and better things @Jonboytattoo @patrick_films”.

Could this “bigger and better things” be a reference to his arrest? Quite possibly.

Cindy’s posted an even more recent New Year’s ‘gram showing her writing noted in a book.

“Kicking off the new year by keeping a diary – my new year’s resolution!” Cindy wrote.

Either way, neither of these guys look particularly stressed by the charges, so maybe there’s more to the story than first meets the eye.

It’s also worth noting that, unlike Australia, where there’s a blood alcohol level concentration tolerance of up to 0.05%, California has a 0.00% policy, meaning you can get arrested for DUI with a 0.01% BAC reading.

This story is developing.