Kim Kardashian Is Getting Blasted For Posting “Homophobic” Comment On Instagram

Kim Kardashian has come under fire for a shady comment she made on an Instagram account ironically named The Shade Room. When the fan page posted a photo of Kardashian visiting Jimmy Kimmel‘s set, actor Tyson Beckford left the following comments on the post:

“Sorry I don’t care for it personally” and “She is not real, doctor fucked up on her right hip.”

After noticing his reactions to her wardrobe, Kim replied with: “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it.”

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Online commentators have interpreted this as Kardashian outing Beckford as a gay man and using his sexuality to insult him.

Twitter users are now rallying against the mother-of-three, calling her comments “homophobic.”

Many people have pointed out the irony of Kim’s offensive comment coming just one day after her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she discussed her controversial meeting with fellow reality star Donald Trump, even stating that she has “nothing bad to say” about the former The Apprentice host.

Where’s the irony, you ask? Well, Trump has not been supportive of the LGBTQ community, in fact he introduced a trans military ban and has nominated judges considered hostile to the community.

Here’s the thing, while I agree that Tyson was absolutely in the wrong by publicly commented on Kim’s body in an attempt to shame her, fighting fire with fire is never a good idea. Especially when that fire is homophobic, ffs.

Kim, please, for the people who actually love you, you need to do better.