Pedestrian Meets Ed Westwick AKA Chuck Bass

Hey Opera House, I’m Chuck Bass. You know why it’s so cold today? Because the sun’s rays are attracted to my chest hair that’s why. Earlier today, after I impregnated several inanimate objects with my emotionally ambiguous stare, every female employee from Pedestrian found some tenuous reason to attend my interview. One of them was holding a clipboard, I think. Another stood in the corner, her entire face obscured by shadows and a palpable air of longing. It’s a mood that I am accustomed to for I am Chuck Bass. I cannot stress that enough. I AM Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass is I. Sometime I think about how Chuck Bass I am and I weep. No one could ever be more Chuck Bass that I, I’ll think, before stepping into an ornately decorated stretch limousine and deciding which life to ruin with the same indifference with which I choose which neck accessory to sport. It doesn’t really matter of course, I look good in everything.

OK so earlier today we had the pleasure of interviewing Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl fame. I wasn’t at the interview which accounts for the fan fiction intro above (does it?). EVERY SINGLE FEMALE in the office however, went along and live Tweeted the interview which is great because now I feel like I was right there with Ed Westwick feeling simultaneously inadequate/in awe/intimidated.

Here’s what we learned:

– He’s headed to Paris after this for Gossip Girl shooting (i.e. he doesn’t die at the end of season 3!!!)
– Leighton Meester has asked him to do guest vocals on her album and he may be up for it.
– He recently watched the Gossip Girl box set.
– He’s showed us his tattoos.
– The worst thing about his 23rd b’day was Germany beating England.

If you want to meet Ed Westwick too or to put it another way, if you’re female, head to the Virgin Member’s Lounge Facebook page and track Ed’s whereabouts online.

Oh yeah, video interview coming soon.