Paul Rudd Is Sliming Himself By Joining The Cast Of The New New ‘Ghostbusters’

Who knows what any of us did to deserve another attempt at adding to the Ghostbusters franchise, but it is happening thanks to Jason Reitman, the son of the original film’s director Ivan Reitman, and earlier today the production officially brought on possibly the most reliable and thoroughly ageless performer getting about Hollywood: Paul Rudd.

Rudd himself confirmed earlier swirling reports that he’d be filling the role of a teacher in the upcoming Ghostbusters 2020 reboot, a film that will reportedly sit within the extended universe of the original two, completely ignoring and erasing the very good female-led 2016 turn.

Posting to the Ghostbusters Twitter account earlier today, Rudd confirmed his involvement while standing outside the famous Hook & Ladder 8 building, in a video that’s great purely for the handful of people walking by in the background who think they may have just spotted someone famous, but won’t realise that they actually did until about an hour later.

Interestingly enough, Variety is reporting that Carrie CoonFinn Wolfhard, and Mckenna Grace are also in the final stages of negotiations to join the project, which is expected to begin shooting later this year.

Coon will reportedly play the role of a single mother, with Wolfhard playing her son. The movie is said to revolve around that family in some capacity.

Sigourney Weaver is strongly speculated to be returning to the film to reprise her original role of Dana Barrett. At this stage it’s not particularly known how this new film will connect to the original universe.

Nevertheless, it’s happening. It’s real. It’s coming, whether anyone likes it or not.

The new new Ghostbusters is expected to hit cinemas at some point in 2020.