Some Merry Genius Is Using ‘Parks & Rec’ Screencaps To Describe Shakespeare

parks and rec shakespeare

First we had the pleasure of seeing The Office expertly repurposed to describe Shakespeare‘s many plays – and what a jolly time that was!

Now some other bona fide bard expert/genius has done exactly the same, only this time, the source material is Parks & Rec.

Feast thine eyes upon this highlight reel:

And my personal favourite…

Who knew April‘s many burns lent themselves so well to summarising the collected works of the greatest English writer to ever live?

Now the important question is which series will be repurposed next. Personally I’m hanging out for 30 Rock. Kenneth as Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Jenna as Lady Macbeth; Jack as, oh, every old male Shakespearean lead… actually, I’ll be right back – I’ve got screencaps to take.