A Sunrise Journo Yelled At Daniel Kaluuya On The Oscars Red Carpet Like It Was A Packed Pub

daniel kaluuya oscars sunrise interview

The red carpet for the Oscars is in full swing, and it’s a much more low-key affair this year. With only the people actually nominated and the presenters ambling down the carpet this year, there’s also only a select number of reporters there getting a glimpse of the first big red carpet in god knows how long. Naturally, the lone Australian has already made it awkward as hell by literally shouting at Daniel Kaluuya.

Somehow, Sunrise is the only Aussie breakfast show to get a reporter in the press scrum at the Oscars, with Channel 7 seemingly exclusively streaming the carpet and awards this year, and a moment with the (now) Oscar-winning actor has just made me want to crawl under my desk for the rest of the day.

Aussie reporter David Woiwod got Kaluuya’s attention by literally yelling “Hey Daniel, it’s Australia, mate. Hey Daniel, DANYOOL!!” across the carpet like he was trying to get the attention of his mate at a busy pub. It’s equal parts embarrassing and ingenious, because it fucken worked.

I mean why don’t you just chuck the Cash Cow on the carpet and be done with it? I’d watch the shit out of that.

Kaluuya, who’s nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Judas and the Black Messiah, wandered over seemingly not too keen on chatting to someone who’s hollering out at him from 10 metres away, before switching it on for the live feed.

“Ooh, live. I can say what I want,” he said.

He then went on to say how much he likes the more chilled-out version of the carpet this year, with its ample space and more relaxing energy.

The Aussie reporter asked if that meant he really stood out when he started yelling, which, yes pal you absolutely did.

“Yeah I was like ‘Who’s this guy?’,” Kaluuya said, laughing.

Okay maybe he’s in on the gag too, I mean the British and Aussie humour is definitely more on the same level. I can’t imagine what an American celeb would do if you started belligerently screaming “OI MATE” at them from across a red carpet.

Woiwod asked if he’s “backing himself in” to nab the award this year, but Kaluuya is more focused on just enjoying himself at a rare in-person ceremony.

“I’m in the Oscars bro, I’m chilling,” he said.

“My chances are I’m having a good time. I’m betting all my money on me having a good time. I’m not really in the result, I’m just enjoying myself.

“My friends are trying to put bets on, and they were like… getting a lot of money. Nah I don’t even know what I’m paying.”

His mates better have put some cash down because he just took out the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.