Olivia Wilde Broke Her Silence Again, On Everything From DWD To Claims She ‘Abandoned’ Her Kids

You simply have to give it to Olivia Wilde: she is this year’s queen of spicy magazine stories. In a new ELLE interview, she discussed how the media portrayed her relationship with her two children and yet more Don’t Worry Darling tea.

If you aren’t caught up on your Olivia-Wilde-Harry-Styles-JasonSudeikisDon’tWorryDarling lore: honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.

In short: Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde have two kiddos together. They split in late 2020 and Wilde got with Styles on the Don’t Worry Darling set. The break up has been… messy, namely ‘cos Wilde was served with custody papers while literally presenting on stage.

Now, Wilde’s given some insight into peoples’ assumptions that she’s somehow “abandoned” her kids because she isn’t papped with them.

I share custody of my kids with my ex. If I’m photographed not with my kids, people assume I have abandoned them, like my kids are just somewhere in a hot car without me,” she said.

“The suggestion is that I have abandoned my role as a mother.

“You know why you don’t see me with my kids? Because I don’t let them get photographed. Do you know the lengths that I go to to protect my kids from being seen by you?” 

And in Wilde’s defence: we do love giving men credit for doing the absolute bare minimum. Our expectations for women, on the other hand, are super fkn high.

Now the disastrous Don’t Worry Darling press tour is over, she also gave some insights into that.

She described the drama as getting “minimised into bite-size TikTok points”.

“This film is trying to ask big questions but [it’s], ‘Let’s just focus on this sideshow over here,” she said.

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According to Wilde, the media also tried to pit women against each other.

“It’s shocking to see so many untruths about yourself traded as fact. Florence [Pugh] has a really wise comment that we didn’t sign up for a reality show,” she said.

Now that’s pretty spicy — the last couple of months have very much been Keeping Up With The DWD Cast.

“I love that she put it that way because it’s as though the general public feels that if you are making something that you’re selling to the public, you somehow have accepted that your life will be torn to shreds by a pack of wolves,” she continued. 

“No, that’s actually not part of the job description. Never was.” 

With the movie released and the press tour over, I’m sure Wilde is pretty fkn relieved the “reality show” has ended its season.

I still need a BTS doco about what really went down on set though.