This Insta Model Is Giving Very Awkward Interviews About Hooking Up With Sam Burgess

Here’s a bit of a situation: a waitress who told media she was dating NRL star Sam Burgess is now telling media the pair are no longer dating, because of – get this – the media attention.

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US woman Oak Schuetz, who has almost 20,000 followers on Instagram (is that an influencer?? Insta-model??) and is reported to be working as a waitress in Sydney, told media she and the newly single footy player were dating.

“I’m going to take a chance on him,” she reportedly told the Daily Telegraph. “Maybe it’s just a fling. I hope it’s not, but it’s fun right now. We’re dating for sure – it’s exciting.”

However, when the Daily Mail approached the former Rabbitohs star for comment, he denied dating reports, saying simply: “Not true.”

Burgess split from his wife Phoebe earlier this year, after three years together and less than a month after they welcomed their second bub Billy. During Schuetz’s first interview (yes, there’s more), she said she had “no idea” who Burgess was and when she looked him up, found herself “intimidated” by his soon-to-be ex wife. Her new lover’s former relationship appears to have prompted her first Instagram story about the situation, during which she said: “I don’t like to use the word dating. There’s a family involved.”

As it turns out, perhaps she didn’t like to use the word dating because it was simply too soon.

In a new interview, published today by the Daily Tele, Schuetz the pair were hanging out for literally all of four days, and that Burgess went quiet after their short-lived romance hit the headlines.

“He was really lovely, he’s such a gentleman, he was asking me in the morning if I was all right after the story (of us) appeared (in the paper),” Ms Schuetz said.

Ms Schuetz said she did not know if the footballer would ever contact her again.

On Sunday, she told The Telegraph she hoped their budding romance was more than “just a fling” as he negotiated an acrimonious split from his wife and mother of his two children Phoebe.

Ouch. Apparently, Burgess did text Schuetz to make sure she was okay after the first story broke, which is nice I guess?

Taking to Instagram, Schuetz expressed frustration about the articles coming out and “quotations taken out of context”, which she said pertained to why she moved to Australia and her tattoo.

“It’s frustrating because they can say what they want,” she said, tagging Burgess in her Instagram story video.

“I am single, Sam is single, it needs to be left at that.”

That clears that up.