Watch ‘Big Mouth’ Star Nick Kroll & Conan Teach The Youth About Sex

Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll, excellent man, recently joined forces with tall man Conan O’Brien to teach today’s youth about s-e-x. Kroll’s adult animated series Big Mouth is all about being an awkward, adolescent horndog so it only makes sense that the comedian and O’Brien would pass on their precious wisdom.

But first, Big Mouth has a Valentine’s Day special out right now. My Furry Valentine – all 46 minutes of it – is up on Netflix.

[jwplayer ZBtFkXj2]

“So, between us, we’ve had over three sexual partners,” Kroll begins before diving right into this special sex ed class.

Things covered:

  • The very real size of sperm
  • How to put a condom on a penis
  • That your penis turns into a pineapple at the age of 40
  • Where the vagina is located
  • Real sex – not porn from the Pornscape… because if they taped real sex: “You’re interrupted by your kid and then a cat makes a noise, and your partner says ‘I gotta go feed the cat, I’ll be right back’, and then you get disgruntled and you start watching TV, then you both fall asleep.”

The pair also took some delightful questions from the teens which included “What do you think about flavoured condoms?” and “How much do you think you really know about female anatomy?” 

Kroll also brought up the time he was ‘pantsed’ when he was a little kid –  a scene which actually made it into the series.

Check out the lil’ educational video below.


ANYWHOO, My Furry Valentine looks like a whole lot of fun. It even beautifully parodies When Harry Met Sally… 

Though we might be waiting a little while, season three is officially in the works. Netflix confirmed the news back in November of last year.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, pals.