Cop Nick Jonas & His Moustache In The Trailer For WWII Movie ‘Midway’ 


The year is 2019 and the Jonas Brothers have a new album out, Joe Jonas is about to marry Sophie Turner (again) in Paris, Kevin Jonas‘ glow up is glorious, and Nick Jonas is starring in a World War II film called Midway. 

[jwplayer z0khvLrA]

The WWII epic co-stars Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring) Woody Harrelson (True Detective), Dennis Quaid (The Day After Tomorrow), Ed Skrein (Deadpool), Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight), Luke Evans (The Alienist), Darren Criss (The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story), and Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember) – which is quite the quality cast.

Midway focuses on the 1942 Battle of Midway, which took place just six months after Japan‘s attack on Pearl Harbour. The naval battle, a significant win for the United States, marked a turning point for the country in the Pacific War. 

The film comes from Independence Day director Roland Emmerich, who told USA Today that the film “shows an America that’s not the superpower, a country that just came out of a big recession and tried to stay out of a war but got sucked into it. It was a simpler time, but it also was a time where you had to put your life in danger for ideals.”

In Midway, Jonas plays a sailor on the front line named Bruno Gaido. You can see him in the trailer for about one second.

It, uh, it looks quite Hollywood-y, but we’ll see.

Midway is slated for release this November in the US so expect it around the same time across Australian cinemas.

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