Newcastle Uni Student Busted for Library Webcam Sex Show

Webcams – you can use them as quirky framing devices for high school movies, as in the delightful Emma Stone comedy Easy A, or if you wish, you can use them to broadcast live solo sex shows from your uni library, as one enterprising young Aussie decided to do.
The Sydney Morning Herald report that a student from the University of Newcastle’s Auchmuty campus has received “counselling” from staff, after some Nigel-No-Fun or other dobbed her in for “extremely inappropriate behaviour” in the library.
Per the Herald’s report, the shows were promoted on Twitter, and streamed from a popular pay-per-view site. A representative of the University has said that they are “extremely disappointed” because, well, what the hell else would they say in this situation?
“An important part of our duty of care is to protect our students’ privacy and it would be inappropriate for the university to provide specific details in relation to the incident,” she continued, possibly in response to the question “so, about the name of that Twitter account …?” 
The best bit of the entire story?
“Parts of the library were ordered to be steam cleaned after the incident.”
That in itself could well supersede Hemmingway‘s “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” as the most haunting and evocative one-line short story of all time. Well done, anonymous student. Well done, Sydney Morning Herald. Well done to us all.

Image via Universal Pictures