New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Opening Song Is No ‘Rock The Dragon’

After the recent news that motherfucking Dragon Ball would be back with a new series in 2015, it was only a matter of time before ‘Dragon Ball Super‘ aired in its spiritual and actual island home (Japan). There is no indication yet when or if Australia will get the show, but you know torrents will start surfacing after their current Sunday morning slots.

To get you in the mood for incoming viewing, you can watch the new opening up top. And, to add sprinklings of nostalgia to said mood, you can watch the white devil Dragon Ball Z opening down below. [CC: Cheez TV]

The singer/songwriter responsible, Kazuya Yoshii, said of the new theme song ‘‘ : “I wanted to create a melody that children hummed [on their] way to school and you feel that the power sprout inside. I also wanted to express my idea of Goku: good, powerful and sexy.”

Rock the Dragon!