Netflix Is Up For A 2nd ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival So You Might Still Get Answers


Such was the mystique of the ‘last four words’ that ‘Gilmore Girls’ diehards built them up to impossible expectations before Netflix‘s four ep reboot even aired, meaning that *no matter what* some people were gonna be pissed.

But the last thing Rory Gilmore said to mum Lorelei – maybe EVER – was so shocking, so cliffhanger-y, that it melted the Internet. Online forums exploded; there were petitions calling for creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to begin immediate work on a follow-up series; the cast was inundated with tweets begging them to spill what the hell they thought was next for the Stars Hollow duo.
Well, we could wait for answers no longer, so we hit up Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos – the man who decides what we see and when – to ask how likely it is that we’re going to see what life has in store for Rory as a single (?) parent. Does Logan flip with jealously and try to get her back? Does Jess confess his love for her and swoop in to play Daddy Gilmore? Does Lorelei die from shock?
While we didn’t get any of that out of him, we did get confirmation that Netflix is 110% open to the possibility of making a second revival series, and that whether or not it goes ahead comes down to Sherman-Palladino.
“We’re definitely open to it if Amy is,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “It’s a surprisingly international show and we’re thrilled with how people have enjoyed the new show and introducing the old show to an entire new generation of viewers.”

There you have it, straight from the horses mouth: IT’S NOT OVER YET.

Photo: Netflix.