Netflix Has Dropped When New ‘Gilmore Girls’ Will Be Gracing Your State

With only four days to go, Netflix is milking the countdown to ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ for all its worth.
After days of new clips, mug gifs and polls, Netflix’s Twitter account today released a state-by-state guide to when the Gilmore Girls special will launch in Australia and New Zealand

The Gilmore Girls miniseries will condense a year’s worth of ridiculously fast paced dialogue and will-they/won’t-they Luke and Lorelai drama into four, 90-minute-long specials. 
Whether this is it for the Gilmore Girls remains to be seen, but we *can* confirm that there is at least once reference to Amy Schumer and John Oliver.
And while fans could have pieced today’s news together since the US release date was announced in July, it’ll presumably be handy to confirm exactly when Oz fans can get their mitts on the cult-favourite show.
And to everyone else, it shows just how cooked our time-zones truly are. Can someone just make it all-or-nothing re: daylight savings, please? Please.

Source: Netflix / Twitter.