YES: Neighbours Actor Nathan Borg Will Become The First Aussie On TV With A Cochlear Implant

Nathan Borg Neighbours

Neighbours‘ new cast member Nathan Borg, who will be playing Curtis Perkins in the massive Aussie soap, is set to become the first Aussie actor on television to have a cochlear implant, and that’s a huge YES from us.

Nathan Borg is a fresh Aussie actor who was born six weeks premature, and at three months old contracted meningitis that left him permanently deaf. We’re super excited to see him flex his stuff on Neighbours and give our screens some much-needed representation.

“This role isn’t just a role for me, it’s a role that represents people who are deaf, hard of hearing and people with disabilities,” Borg wrote on Instagram.

“I am here to prove as an actor that I can portray any character and storyline. I am beyond thrilled to be Australia’s first actor with a cochlear implant! Let’s fight for diversity!”

Borg will be playing Curtis Perkins on Neighbours as of January 28. His character is said to be a young teacher who shows up on Ramsay Street as a recurring guest, and spends most of his time working at Edinborough High alongside Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

“Curtis is a perfect example of why we should employ more people with disabilities in the workforce because they will not disappoint!” he said.

There’s no word just yet as to whether his character will be getting into some batshit drama, but I mean, it is Neighbours so I guess it’s only a matter of time until he sets a house on fire or something.

“Nathan’s passion for acting was clearly evident when I met him nearly a year ago and I’m delighted he is joining the cast in a recurring guest role as a young teacher fresh out of uni who isn’t defined by his hard of hearing status,” said series producer Jason Herbison.

“He is independent and working in the community, and like everyone on Ramsay Street, we soon discover a link with one of our residents which is going to be a lot of fun.”

Truly cannot wait for this.