A Pair Of Cardboard Cutouts Might Have Spoiled This Year’s ‘MKR’ Winners

The finale of MKR airs on Sunday night, but the winning team from this year’s competition may have just been revealed by a pair of cardboard cutouts – and no, we’re not talking about Pete Evans and Manu Feildel here.

Melbourne mates Kim & Suong will go head to head with Gold Coast couple Alex & Emily tomorrow night, but an anonymous caller to the Kyle & Jackie O Show, who claimed to know who will be walking away with the $250,000 prize money.

The caller said:

“I pretty much know who the winners are. Kim and Suong, the Vietnamese mums. I work for the one of the top three global logistics companies in the country and we are receiving some stuff here and there – merchandising and what not. And curiosity killed the cat and I stumbled across some cardboard cut-outs with those two on them. And I know they’re one of the two finalists standing.”

The cardboard cutouts could exist for any purpose – for all we know, they may have just been commissioned by an over-zealous MKR fan – but it certainly seems like the kind of thing that would be used to sell merch or promote appearances by the winners.

The above, highly-scientific poll already has them pegged as the champions, although a representative for Seven refused to comment, saying only that it’s been “an incredible season of MKR” and that the outcome will be revealed tomorrow.