Miranda Kerr’s Quotes About Evan Spiegel’s Proposal Are Really Quite Odd

Human acai berry Miranda Kerr has ~at last~ revealed how Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel proposed to her, and tbqh with you folks it sounds utterly bizarre.

You might recall that Kerr announced the engagement on Instagram back in July, spruced up (of course) with some truly hideous Snapchat-owned Bitstrips.

I said yes!!! ??????????

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Gotta get that branding in there, hey?

Now in a new interview with UK website FemaleFirst, Kerr has revealed details of the actual proposal itself.
She told the publication:

“[Was I expecting it?] Absolutely not. He said to me, ‘Miranda, I’m telling you now, this is the first and last time I’m going to kneel down in front of you.”

Like… what does Spiegel do if he smashes his iPhone while trying to faceswap with his fianceé? Kicks it?
Guess you can take the frat boy out of the Kappa Sigma frat house, but…

Photo: Instagram / Miranda Kerr.