It’s The Year Of Our Lord 2019 & Miley Cyrus Is Hannah Montana Again

Miley Cyrus

If the Jonas Brothers reunion wasn’t enough of a bloody out-of-body experience for you, Miley Cyrus has gone and brought back Hannah Montana. We’re not talking about a simple one-off selfie on Instagram here, we’re talking about a precious video of Hannah Montana singing ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ like it’s 2006 in 2019.

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Earlier today, Cyrus shared a couple of photos and videos to social media of herself undergoing a bit of a transformation.

Afterwards she told fans, “You know guys, it was so hard going back and forth that I decided I’ll just be Hannah forever.

“She was getting a lot of press this week, thanks to me.” 

Cyrus has spent the past week celebrating 13 whole years since Hannah Montana first jumped on the Disney scene but this latest move will really make you break out your old posters.

She’s playing with us.


Cyrus captioned another selfie: “Hannah is punk now”. 

In another video, Cyrus bopped along to Migos‘ tune ‘Hannah Montana’. 

The pièce de résistance? Her ten-year challenge.


So, why has Cyrus resurrected her legendary Disney character? Is it a reboot? A new music video? A collaboration with the Jonas Brothers? We wish but in reality, it’s probably because of those anniversary celebrations.

Although, a couple of days ago on Instagram, Cyrus teased fans that “BIG changes” were “coming”. If she was talking about this transformation, she done did delivered. If she was talking about new music, bring it on. 

In conclusion:

(Since we’re all here, already.)