WIN: Last Chance To Nab Free Tix To An Ice Skating Sesh If You Wanna Let Loose Like It’s 1999

Team, we have news. And if you’ve read the headline (which we assume you have), you’ll already know it.

That’s right, we’re hosting a Mighty Ducks party to celebrate the reboot series on Disney+ and have only gone and convinced Australian Olympic icon and everyone’s favourite underdog, Steven Bradbury, to MC the thing.

Fully kitted out with food and bevs, the ice-skating shindig will induce some major nostalgia as the ice rink is transformed into a disco extravaganza you could only dream of.

The event will take place at:

Bradbury Rink inside O’Brien Icehouse

Docklands, Melbourne

On Thursday, May 6th from 6pm

Mighty Ducks is still standing firm inside our hearts, almost 30 years after its debut, which is why we’re so excited the Disney+ Original series reboot, Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, has a new ragtag team of underdogs, attempting to challenge The Ducks at their own game. And of course, Emilio Estevez is returning as the legendary, inspiring, and unforgettable Coach Bombay.

So, if you want tickets to our Skate 2000-esque party hosted by Bradbury, you’ve got to tell us your favourite underdog moment, in 50 words or less. Just drop it below and we’ll pop you in the draw to win tickets to what may, just frankly, be the best party of 2021.

WIN: Tell Us Your Greatest Underdog Moment In 50 Words Or Less