The OG Cast Of The Mighty Ducks Is Reuniting For A Reboot Ep & I Feel Like I’m On Quack

mighty ducks

In news that is a huge Friday energy, the original stars of The Mighty Ducks are returning for an upcoming episode of Disney+ revival series because ducks *always* fly together.

According to Entertainment Weekly, most of the original cast including Emilio Estevez, Elden Henson and Justin Wong are all returning for the episode.

“It starts with a fun encounter Coach Bombay has with Fulton — they have an interesting run-in on the street reminiscent of ways they used to meet each other back in the early days,” creator Steven Brill told EW in an interview. “This chance meeting between Bombay and Fulton leads to a bigger story.”

“There is a Spirit of the Ducks gala where they’re honouring the current coach and the history of the Ducks and that’s what brings us all back together,” Garret Henson, who plays Guy added.

Even Emilio Estevez voiced his excitement for the reunion episode in an interview with EW.

“We discover that Bombay hasn’t been invited to the gala because he doesn’t represent the best of what the Ducks stand for now; they’ve become this ultra-competitive, sort of new bad guys,” Estevez said.

“But Bombay doesn’t tell the gang that he wasn’t invited to the gala, and it gets a little dark. He splits from the gang because of a miscommunication. So the beginning of the sequence is super positive and super exciting, but subsequently, it goes off the rails.”

The reboot picks up a quarter of a century after where we left off with the OG, and the whole cast, and their characters have changed a *lot* since then.

“Either the Ducks fell short or he fell short of expectations of where they’d be at this point in their lives,” Estevez added. “The show is not without the Disney magic that has to exist so I think ultimately it will be satisfying. But it leans into reality a little bit more than one would expect, which excited me. That’s really like life; something that looks like a curveball that you couldn’t hit ends up being something that’s a gift later on.”

Sadly, the reunion doesn’t include everyone, with Charlie (played by Joshua Jackson) notably not making an appearance.

However, this was only due to a scheduling conflict and no secret insider beef, so there’s a huge chance that Charlie will make a cameo in a future episode.

“If there is a season 2 and 3, we are holding the door open for any and all of the Ducks from the original films to return,” Esteves said.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers premieres Friday, March 26 exclusively on Disney+.