Behold, A Catalogue Of The Brain Freeze Faces We Forced On Uni Students

Last month, to celebrate O Week – and to kick off MAXIBON‘s 18th bday festivities – we challenged uni students at Monash and Melbourne Uni to chomp down bons at a ridic pace. Like, the percentage of people walking away with a brain freeze was pretty much 100%.

But, all of the almost 500 students who dared to bring a mate into the Smash Zone (#NeverSmashAlone) were in with the chance to win a MacBook Air – all they had to do was a smash a MAXIBON into their mouths as fast as humanly possible. Easy as, yeah?

Well one man triumphed, in spite of the aforementioned brain freeze hazard, and was declared the #1 Super Smash Bro by our impartial umpires, the Bon Force: Haris Goodes from Melbourne University, with a time of 17 seconds.

*wolf whistles*

Congratulations, Haris. Pretty jelz of the new MacBook you landed for your effort.

And we’re impressed and straight-up in awe of your superhuman abilities: I have no idea how this deadset dude managed to inhale a Bon that quick. It takes me more than 17 seconds to tie my shoelaces (when I was little I asked my mum to time me, don’t ask).

If y’all wanna know exactly how the two days at Monash and Melbourne Unis went down, check out the video below. We maybe applied a little slow-mo magic to all the action to capture both the competitors’ very stern game faces – this shit is serious, bruh – and the exact moment each thought their head might shatter into a million shards of ice.

And if you didn’t cop a free laptop, no worries: if you smashed a MAXIBON in under a minute, you’re still a hero to us.