OI MELBS: You Could Score Yourself A Free Laptop If You’re Hitting Up O-Week

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Friendships are magical and beautiful and deserve to be cherished. But they also need to be built upon a healthy and respectable level of FIERCE COMPETITION.

What’s the point of nursing your m8 through a tragic break-up or watching hundreds of hours of their fave trash TV show if you don’t also sometimes get to rub their nose in it when you win at Scrabble?

Well MAXIBON, on the cusp of adulthood – the brand is turning an ancient 18 years old this year – is giving you the perfect opportunity to practice your “NERRNERRNERRNERRS” this O Week with a comp to see who in Melbourne can smash a cheeky Bon the fastest.

Compete against your mate in the Smash Zone (#NeverSmashAlone) at Monash University on 19 and 20 February, and Melbourne University on 21 and 22 February.

But no cheating – the Bon Force will be there to umpire the match and declare the supreme creamer.

The winner will score themselves a brand new laptop – a pretty damn good prize for literally inhaling one of those bad boys Bons, something I was actually planning on doing this hot and sticky Feb day anyway.

And if you’re not the fastest overall, you could still bring home the biscuit, with some sweet as hell mini prizes also up for grabs.

Me rn. 

Challenge accepted.