A New Fucked-Up Bad Santa Is Being Played By Old Fucked-Up Mel Gibson & Nobody Asked For This

Mel Gibson Fatman

Let’s get one thing out of the way, yes, there is now a movie about Santa Claus fighting off an assassin sent by a kid who got a lump of coal for Christmas. Sounds great. Hilarious even. And we could have hired ANYONE to play Santa. Literally anyone. Dame Judi Dench could’ve done it perfectly. But hey, we went and got this scummy guy.

Yep, playing Santa, or as the movie likes to call him, ‘Fatman’, will be alleged anti-semite, homophobe, racist, domestic abuser and overall shitbag Mel Gibson. If any of these notions are new to you, please click the links, the guy really is an awful person.

The trailer for the new movie Fatman hasn’t even been out for long and already the internet is simply livid at the casting choice. Was Tim Allen busy? Could we not book Hugh Jackman?

You can watch the trailer below, which is interesting at best. Literally any hope you may have had for the film, however, is dashed every time he who must not be named appears on the screen.


Needless to say, the internet is not having a bar of it. Folks have jumped onto Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with the film, and voice their opinions on how cancel culture simply cannot be real if Gibson is still getting hired for roles.

Some people even joked about how disappointed they were to find out that Gibson was trending, but not because he died. Yeah, people really don’t like the guy, but it isn’t hard to see why.

A whole bevy of Twitter accounts have stockpiled to call the movie out for casting Mel Gibson. The movie has been directed by Ian and Eshom Nelms (Small Town Crime, Waffle Street), who are similarly being lambasted on the internet for making such a stupid move as hiring the bad man.


And Twitter makes a very good point. Mel Gibson and his history of violence have seemingly had no effect on his career, or his chances at scoring comical roles like gun-toting Santa.

The trailer alone could be enough cause to make people say WTF, because it’s a genuinely fun (albeit cooked) idea, but it unfortunately has left a sour taste in the mouths of many.

Anyway, I guess I won’t be seeing you in the cinemas for Fatman. If I want to see a Fatman I have plenty of uncles for that.