Meet The Green Light Boys Behind Australia’s/Your New Favourite Podcast

Are you looking for an entertainment avenue that combines the B-Grade values and constant pitches of Entourage without the smarmy jerk factor [or whole visual element]? Look no further than your/Australia’s new favourite podcast The Green Light Boys, a.k.a. Scott Dooley and Angus Truskett, whose debut podcast recently made its way to the top of the iTunes charts [we’re talking entertainment podcasts; ain’t nobody got time to compete with covers from The Voice]. 
You can check that out here via iTunes and read on below for a quick Q&A with Australia’s preeminent B-Grade, straight-to-VHS/DVD cineastes. 

Where did the concept for The Green Light Boys come from?

: It was inspired by a series of weird Instagram photos where Angus would pitch a movie and then I would leave incredibly earnest responses about the cast and who was available and who wouldn’t work with who. Then we decided we could annoy more people if we just recorded the conversations and put them in a podcast.

How did you become authorities on the straight-to-DVD genre of filmmaking and scriptwriting?

: On the job training combined with a love of horrible movies. I’ve never seen the original American Pie movie but I can quote you lines from the straight to cable 5th installment, The Naked Mile. I’m alright with that.

: Here’s a little ‘Hollywood 101’ for all of the would-be sharks out there. Everyone is saying ‘physical media is dead, it’s all about streaming and Internet TV’. We say sure. Ok then. Fair Enough. Then we pounce on said dying media. And voila.

What would you say are three key elements that make for the perfect straight-to-home-entertainment movie?

: Strong family values. Deceased spouses (no better way to earn the audience’s sympathy [sympathy = $$$). Hairbrained schemes. Ex-Full House actors. Single dads (see: deceased spouses).

: I’d say predictable plot, bright colours and a cast member who’s name makes you laugh the second you hear it. The soccer-themed Ladybugs starring SeaQuest DSV’s Jonathan Brandis (RIP) and Rodney Dangerfield is a good example.

Who are your favourite actors for this particular genre of film?

: I try not to play favourites, it can cause trouble on the set, but really if you look good in an Hawaiian shirt, you’re going to be Green Light Boys favourite.

: There are certain ‘masters’ of this style of filmmaking who always come to mind. Good thing they’re only a page away. Kevin James has been hanging around so much he’s started jokingly calling himself ‘the 3rd Green Light Boy’ which is simply not true, Kevin. You work for us. Not with us. Everything gets back to us, pal. Your Sean William Scotts, Jason Biggs, Tara Reids (or any American Pie alumni for that matter) always put their hands up for a line or two in a GLB feature. 
Can people submit their pitches to The Green Light Boys? 
Absolutely.  We like to think that we’re all Green Light Boys! We’re always looking for new and exciting ideas that we can bring in on time and under budget! Though we’re devout pager users, we’ve set up an email address and a Twitter account @greenlightboys in the hopes that we can help young up and coming movie moguls get that ‘Hollywood leg up’ we’ve been lucky to get. What we’re after is a title, a tagline and a few key actors in mind. The rest is magic. Or just think really hard about Martin Lawrence and Kevin James solving a series of crimes at an aquarium and we’ll hear those thoughts and talk about them in the podcast.